God’s Intention is to be the Tree of Life

Every day we muse upon the word,
To converse in the presence of the Lord!
When we eat, we breathe Him into us,
And we become full of enjoyment.
(C)God’s intention is to be the tree of life
For our enjoyment and our life supply.
We live the Christian life by eating the Lord
For His economy.
We just need to open up our mouth,
Call His name, and He feeds us with Himself!
As we heed the sense of life inside,
Our appetite’s bigger and deeper.
We must learn to live by Jesus Christ—
He’s the way, the reality and life!
As we love and contact our dear Lord,
We are conformed into His image.
Do you have a hoof that’s split in two?
Are you chewing the cud the whole day through?
Spirit, flesh, the new man or the old—
We must be those full of discernment.
Fish with fins and scales to beat the tide;
Birds that fly, and enjoy the seeds of life;
Insects jumping, leaping from the world.
Lord, keep us pure, with Your believers!
Let’s be simple and enjoy the Lord—
Not alone, but with saints in one accord.
Thank You for the church life where we feast—
Our hearts released, full of rejoicing!

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